AUVESY celebrates its 10 year anniversary!

This year AUVESY celebrates 10 eventful and exciting years. What began as a start-up company of only 3 employees has since grown to become a market leader in data management and automation. Since its inception in 2007, AUVESY has continued to grow steadily and now employs a staff of 65 employees.

With the creation of AUVESY, the starting gun for the development of the data management system versiondog was sounded. It took 2 years for the software solution to reach market maturity. In 2009, the first licences were sold to manufacturers. The first users of the software solution included such well-known international companies as Nestlé, Veltins, Continental und BMW.

And it didn’t stop there: one year later 100 projects had been implemented, six years later approximately 500 projects had been implemented. Today, AUVESY has implemented its comprehensive data management and software solution in around 1000 projects in more than 40 countries.

10 years AUVESY in pictures
Customer voices & references

versiondog changed the way we do our normal work, this must be the best versioning software I ‘ve worked with in my professional career.

Willem Willemse - System Engineer BMW South Africa

The fast disaster recovery provided by versiondog is extremely important to our day-to-day work. With machine parameters changed and improvements made on a daily basis, it is particularly important that the latest version be accessible at any time.

KLaus Wanninger - Electrical maintenance Mann + Hummel Filterwerke GmbH

Today, it's impossible to imagine working without it. Having a centralised data storage system means that there is a complete change history to which all 60 users have access from whichever department they may be in.

Dipl.-Ing. Thomas Wenthaus - Operative engineer Warsteiner Brewery

A few years ago, the USB stick was our main tool. With versiondog we were able to introduce standardised central data storage, a fully automatic backup system and version management with detailed change detection. And it works as well in practice as it did in the plan.

Michael Mrugalla - Process Automation Nestlé Mainz
That´s what staff members say

Even though there are now more than 60 people working at AUVESY, for me the company still has the same family atmosphere and charm as it did at the beginning when there were just seven of us.

Richard Mundt - Software Developer With AUVESY since 2008

Rapid technological  development and fast increasing levels of automation present us with new challenges every day. The resultant demands placed on versiondog by our customers are the life blood of the software. Keeping pace is what keeps us ahead.

Dr.-Ing. Tim Weckerle - Managing Director & Head of Development With AUVESY since 2011

Not very many people have the opportunity to join a project at the very beginning and despite all difficulties and setbacks make it a success, without ever feeling like a small cog in a big machine.

Martin Schwedhelm - Senior Developer & early pioneer of versiondog With AUVESY since 2007

Birthday wishes


Send us your individual birthday wishes. We are looking forward to short statements or congratulations as well as to detailed stories, pictures and anecdotes. We would like to collect these contributions in the context of our anniversary to publish some of them at our website.

Which experiences did you gain with versiondog? What were your most important moments in the last few years? In which moments did we put our foot in it? Which moments with the company did you find particularly memorable?