versiondog - Data management for the food & beverage industry

The importance of maintaining the highest standards of quality assurance in the food & beverage industry is underlined by the stringent requirements placed upon it (GMP, FDA, GHP, ...). versiondog is a single-system solution for the data management of an entire production facility. Use it to provide proof of quality and safeguard valuable project and device data. Take advantage of comprehensive documentation and crystal clear change management.

Your benefits

  • Increase production quality with automated support for GxP and FDA 21 CFR 11
  • Simplify process of providing proof of quality with audit trails at the click of a button
  • Increase consistency and quality in production due to the ability to precisely track changes and their release as modified control programs
  • Ensure clarity, certainty and safety in production
  • Reduce downtime through systematic, focussed troubleshooting
  • Save time thanks to standardised documentation

Key features

  • Full documentation of program and project change history for all plants ("who changed what, where, when and why?")
  • Confirmation that the programs running in each plant are definitely the latest released versions ("have the processes been changed, and if so why and by whom?")
  • Fast and reliable disaster recovery strategy through clear version & backup management ("which program version was running on the controller?")
  • Alarm when discrepancies are found
  • Two-person rule for changes
  • Detailed comparisons for verification that standards are adhered to and tasks are correctly carried out

Refreshingly efficient

How do you combine the traditional art of brewing with ultramodern data management and version control? Dipl.-Ing. Thomas Wenthaus from the operative engineering department at the Warsteiner brewery knows that safeguarding data through good version control is essential to ensure a quick restart in the event of a problem. At this brewery, situated in the Sauerland region of North Rhine-Westphalia, there is now no way that backups can be missed and data can be lost.

And time-consuming in-situ repairs are a thing of the past. If an assembly malfunctions or fails, it is simply swapped out. Thanks to regular device backups and version control, it is quick and easy to load the software and data that was running before the problem occurred onto the replacement devices.

Warsteiner uses the versiondog data management system for all of its data and is delighted with how it works in the real world: "versiondog is a great help and we would now never want to be without it."


Time spent on repairs cut by 90%...

Sit back with a cup of coffee and just think about that for a moment. Ninety percent! Even though it may not seem possible, it is exactly what happened at Nestlé after versiondog revolutionised data management in their automated production facilities. Michael Mrugalla—responsible for process automation at the Nescafé factory in Mainz, Germany—tells us about how they switched from their own, carefully thought out solution (involving quite a few USB sticks) to the industry standard data management software for automation, versiondog. The switch was easier than they had expected, and more successful.



Today’s automated environments

Both networked and non-networked controllers and devices are in use. Multiple shifts have to be taken into account. There is a need to keep processes running at an optimised level. Both in-house staff and external contractors continually change, improve and troubleshoot software. Existing facilites are modified and new facilities are commissioned. All this is done using a wide variety of programming tools, and documentation is often still done manually. If data is not organised properly, it can be extremely difficult  to find the right version of a control program, or to be sure about which version is running on a given device. This lack of clarity can adversely affect quality or result in downtime. And that can quickly become very costly.

versiondog brings order

DOCUMENTATION of changes according to quality management standards ISO 900x, GAMP, GMP, FDA 21 CFR 11 and VDA 6.4.

ARCHIVING of all project data with complete change history (audit trail).

AUTOMATIC BACKUP of device data according to a user-defined schedule.

AUTOMATIC COMPARISON of the control program project version with the version running on the device for equipment from multiple manufactures, including SIMATIC S5, SIMATIC S7, SIMATIC PCS 7, WinCC, WinCC flexible, InTouch, CODESYS, TwinCAT, Phoenix PC WORX, RSLogix, Schneider Modsoft, Schneider Concept, Schneider Unity, SINUMERIK 840D, Bosch IndraWorks, robot control programs from ABB and Kuka, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Adobe PDF and many more.

DISASTER RECOVERY made much faster thanks to the ability to precisely compare versions with SmartCompare.

LIFECYCLE MANAGEMENT supports projects through the design, programming and commissioning phases and in operation.

COORDINATION between in-house staff and external contractors using Supplier Check-Out and SmartImport.

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