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If supply of services is disrupted by failure of critical infrastructures (CRITIS), there can be serious consequences for a country's economy. And for life in general, both on an individual and national level. Industrial production as we know it would not be possible without electricity; the absence of a constant supply of clean water is almost impossible to imagine; trade without functioning logistics, information and communications systems would hardly be possible. Almost every aspect of our lives today is heavily dependent on technology, much of it automated. And where there is automation there is versiondog. In the case of energy, other public utilities and infrastructure, versiondog supports and safeguards supply by providing comprehensive data management for maintenance, for expansion, when switching to new technologies, and much more.

Your benefits

  • Use clear and effective data, version and change management to ensure that your organisation meets its contractual supply obligations
  • Increase certainty in maintenance/expansion with automatic backup and archiving of automation equipment data
  • Systematically troubleshoot to enable fast and precisely targeted remedial action when disruptions do occur
  • Minimise downtime or avoid it altogether through detailed detection of the differences between project versions
  • Save time thanks to standardised documentation
  • Increase cyber security
  • Increase quality and dependability in production

Key features

  • Full documentation of program and project change history for all plants ("who changed what, where, when and why?")
  • Fast and reliable disaster recovery strategy through clear version & backup management ("which program version was running on the controller?")
  • Alarm when discrepancies are found
  • Ability to compare in detail any two versions all the way back to the base version (lifecycle management)
  • Detailed comparisons for verification that standards are adhered to and tasks are correctly carried out
  • program block management and usage list
  • Reports, logs, version identifiers and notifications
  • KPI evaluation aid


Gas and electricity supply, water supply and treatment, transportation infrastructure

"Critical infrastructures comprise organisations and facilities that have a special significance when it comes to ensuring that a country runs smoothly. Outages or even relatively minor disruptions can quickly lead to severe and lasting problems. The effects can be dramatic and even include serious threats to public safety." Source (German language publication by the BMI on the national CRITIS protection strategy): "Nationale Strategie zum Schutz Kritischer Infrastrukturen (KRITIS-Strategie)

versiondog - Datenmanagement für Energie und InfrastrukturIn the event of the failure of a critical utility, such as the electricity supply or the sewage system, the economic effects are felt almost immediately. If the situation is not rectified fast, appreciable damage can be done.

Industrial production is not possible without electricity, life without a reliable purified water supply is not only inconvenient, it is a health risk, and without functioning logistics, information and communications systems, commerce would grind to a halt.

Critical infrastructures have become highly automated, as have the processes in almost all areas of our lives. And wherever there is automation, there is versiondog. versiondog is the perfect change management system for critical infrastructures. Besides providing advanced data management, it is also indispensable for effective predictive maintenance.

versiondog brings order

This highly acclaimed software solution enables comprehensive version control and automatic backup of the automation systems and devices used in critical infrastructures, including enhanced support for process control systems such as SIMATIC PCS7 from Siemens.

Automatic backup functions are available for networked devices and the manual backup solution for non-networked devices is secure and convenient, requiring no more than a few clicks of the mouse. versiondog helps manage secure ageing of automation devices, protecting capital investment and ensuring safe and reliable operation well into the future.

Automatic comparison of project data for most automation equipment in use in critical infrastructures today, including Siemens SIMATIC S5, S7, TIA Portal, SIMATIC PCS 7 process control systems, WinCC, WinCC flexible, InTouch, CODESYS projects, TwinCAT, Phoenix CONTACT PC WORX, RSLogix, Schneider Modsoft, Unity & Concept, COPA-DATA zenon, and many more.

With versiondog, disaster recovery is faster and easier. There is no more uncertainty and wasted time and effort finding the current version. Instead there is quick access to a centralised, documented and verified version that can be immediately restored and will run perfectly straight away.

versiondog manages data and software versions for the entire project lifecycle. This means that a complete and documented change history is available right back to the day of commissioning, and, if desired, through the pre-commissioning development phase. All versions are fully safeguarded and cannot be changed retrospectively (although versiondog can be used to compare any two versions in detail at any time).

Well organised archiving of all versions and project data including the change history is essential for complete audit trails.

versiondog - Datenmanagement für Energie und Infrastrukturversiondog is the ideal system for critical infrastructures, where dependable data management is of utmost importance. The more systems become automated and the more external and internal staff are involved, the more difficult it becomes to coordinate everything without a data management system that is specifically designed for automated environments.

The potential of the versiondog data management system is not limited to change management. The system is also supporting the efforts of the German Federal Government to improve cybersecurity in critical infrastructures. If you would like information about our research project with the German water management association, Emscher and Lippe, with the purpose of increasing cybersecurity, then please feel free to contact us and ask for details.



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