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AUVESY (AUtomated VErsioning SYstems) is the software producer behind versiondog, the world's leading version control & data management system for automated production. The company has grown steadily since it was founded in 2007 and it continues to go from strength to strength.

AUVESY now has a staff of over 65 dedicated people who combine high-level technical skills with many years of experience and detailed market knowledge.

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AUVESY has implemented over 1000 projects in more than 40 countries. Among its customers is an impressive number of well-known international corporations. Our customers greatly appreciate the excellent service, friendly support and practice-oriented advice provided by us and more than 15 international distributors. And ISO 9001 certification is official recognition of our high operating standards.

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AUVESY is actively involved in vocational education, which reflects its strong commitment to further increasing the attractiveness to commerce and industry of Landau and the wider region.

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AUVESY is certified to ISO 9001:2015 (the latest revision), guaranteeing that its quality management system meets the highest standards. During the recent upgrade audit, the company's own product versiondog proved (not for the first time) to be an extremely helpful tool for the auditors. Their job was made considerably easier thanks to clear documentation of changes and the ability to easily compare different versions of specific documents.

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Quality policy

AUVESY is a traditional German SME with an expertise base spanning multiple industries and the capacity to quickly and flexibly adapt to customer requirements.

With its origins in data management and its detailed knowledge and experience of the world of automation, AUVESY is not only able to listen to individual customer requirements, it is also in a position to respond to them effectively.

AUVESY keeps in close contact with its customers, giving them certainty, reducing lost production, increasing efficiency, making workflow noticeably smoother and safeguarding process data. Customer needs and requirements are carefully noted and systematically documented. These records are thoroughly analysed so that all opportunities for improvement can be found and customer satisfaction increased.

AUVESY knows that genuine innovation and consistent positive development is only possible if:

  • the interests of the customer remain central,
  • user experiences and requests are fed back into product development,
  • lines of communication are direct,
  • problems are solved quickly,
  • decision-making processes are agile and decisions are quickly implemented
  • and the people behind this product philosophy are masters of their own destiny.

AUVESY employs qualified and experienced personnel who work hard to maintain the company's standing as a future-oriented and customer-oriented development centre at the vanguard of its field. The foundation of our success is laid down by the people who work here. All our employees are highly motivated, able to look beyond the immediate and determined to fulfil their obligation to continue to provide our customers with an innovative tool that is:

  • universal and platform-independent,
  • intuitive to use both for users and administrators and
  • powerful and efficient with numerous beneficial synergies.

AUVESY attaches great importance to meeting the needs and expectations of its customers. That is why the processes necessary to achieve this goal have been standardised and documented in our quality management system and are regularly internally audited and continually improved.

AUVESY celebrates its 10 year anniversary!

This year AUVESY celebrates 10 eventful and exciting years. What began as a start-up company of only 3 employees has since grown to become a market leader in data management and automation. Since its inception in 2007, AUVESY has continued to grow steadily and now employs a staff of 65 employees.

With the creation of AUVESY, the starting gun for the development of the data management system versiondog was sounded. It took 2 years for the software solution to reach market maturity. In 2009, the first licences were sold to manufacturers. The first users of the software solution included such well-known international companies as Nestlé, Veltins, Continental und BMW.

And it didn’t stop there: one year later 100 projects had been implemented, six years later approximately 500 projects had been implemented. Today, AUVESY has implemented its comprehensive data management and software solution in around 1000 projects in more than 40 countries.


AUVESY's product versiondog is the complete solution for robust version control & data management in automated production. It creates order wherever project data is periodically changed and needs to be made available from a central source.

versiondog acts as a keen-eyed watchdog for every bit of your data. Not even the tiniest movement escapes him!

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