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versiondog for machine manufacturing

Your company designs, plans and manu-factures complex machines in series production, using modular concepts, allowing a variety of combinations. Your development team defines standard templates that are constantly reused and continuously improved.Or you construct special-purpose machines, each with a unique design. In any case, numerous individual employees, teams, or entire departments are involved in the process: Design (CAD), documentation (Word, PDF), development (S5, S7, CoDeSys, WinCC flexible, WinCC, InTouch, ABB and Kuka robots, etc.) – all the way down to the shopfloor.Different departments have a great need for coordination and communication between different systems, standards and automation components, which are highly integrated to result in a machine that works perfectly. However, confusion and versioning problems can easily occur in an environment where many different people have access to software contents at the same time. The only way to avoid this is seamless documentation, by means of software-controlled project data management.

Machine oriented documentation and versioning of your customer projects

versiondog for machine manufacturing automates the whole administration of project data completely and universal at one single platform – for good reasons already at construction and programming of serial machines. The essential advantages are obviously: optimization of your data management, predictive program maintenance on professional level, complete data security, faultless software communication with all of your recipients – and above all permanently satisfied end customers. By selfacting documentation you will offer your end customer a reliable basis for certification under the terms of ISO 900x, GAMP, GMP, FDA 21 CFR 11 or VDA 6.4.

The system archives completely and centrally all project data with all versions together with its comments. You can recall the exact developing as change history (Audit-Trail) at any time. With the option of direct program comparison (extended functionality for SIMATIC S5,SIMATIC S7SIMATIC PCS 7WinCCWinCC flexibleInTouchCoDeSysTwinCATPhoenixPC WORXRSLogixSchneider ModsoftSchneider ConceptSchneider UnitySINUMERIK 840DBosch IndraWorksrobot programs from ABB and KukaMicrosoft WordMicrosoftExcelAdobe PDF, a.o.) versiondog becomes a reliable time-saving data management system. The complete data flow is controlled by fixed operations; confusions, faulty insertions, incorrect filings or overwriting by mistake are no longer possible.

Thus the system maximizes efficiency and safety of your work and creates significant competitive advantages in interaction with all partners involved:

  • Version control adjusted specifically to the requirements in automation technology.
  • Administration of standard modules with cross-reference (SIMATIC S7).
  • Standardised central data filing.
  • Clear documentation of the complete development.
  • Comparison with detailed difference representation of the most important data types (Smart Compare).
  • Classified change processes with Audit Trail according to the terms of ISO 900x, GAMP, GMP, FDA 21 CFR 11 and VDA 6.4.
  • Coordination between development, implementing and service. 
  • Higher transparency - "Who" changed "when" "what".
  • Fast posibillity of reaction in the case of an error by traceability and cross-reference.
  • Reduced travel expenditure.
  • Saving of time by automated change documentation.
  • Extreme optimization of the daily operational sequences.
  • Short training period for new employees.
  • Avoidance of loss of knowledge by fluctuation.